Dear brother,
All praise to the almighty, Allah

This post is with reference to your question regarding the importance of ‘salah’.

You asked me if i don’t pray, is there any problem?
And I told you that it is like, signing at a workplace. Actually this is a weak example.
Because the ‘salah’ even though is an act of signing the presence before allah, it is not like signing for a work.

In fact ‘salah’ is a ‘sweet signing’.

We haven’t tasted a bit of the true taste of ‘salah’. If we did, you would not have asked this question.

‘Salah’ allah mentions very strictly from the childhood to practice. Not to punish us for not doing it.
Allah says about it and the punishments of avoiding, inorder to arouse in us a habit of performing ‘salah’.

About ‘Salah’ Allah says, “Assalathu mi’rajul mu’minin’. Salah is a way of hugging Allah.

Each day, a man is involved in a variety of tasks.
It is human nature to forget Allah. Inorder to refresh the remembrance of Allah, Allah keep the ‘salah’.

Allah is devoid of any needs. He dont need our ‘salah’. But He put it for us to get closer to Him. He blessed us with ‘salah’.
In the beginning there was 50 waqth salah, instead of what we see today as 5 waqth. Then Rasool(SAW) asked Allah, to reduce
the number till 5, bcoz our beloved prophet knows best about us.

In Islam there, are 4 categories of people.
1. People with good faith, weak deeds
2. People with no faith, good deeds
3. People with no faith, no deeds
4. People with good faith, good deeds

Among these, the best one is no doubt, the fourth. The second ranked category is People with good faith, weak deeds.
These 2 categories are dwellers of Jannah, if allah will. The rest are dwellers of jahannam.
That is the importance of faith.

Faith comes through knowledge and not through actions. ‘Salah’ in fact is an overflow of our faith within. It is not a task
to be accomplished. It is effortless. It is sweet. It is the short time when Allah come down from Arsh in front of a beleiver.
It is happiest moment of a beleiver, when he comes close to his lord. The reward for ‘Salah’ is the ‘Salah’ itself.

If you lose a waqt of ‘Salah’, Allah the all merciful, may not punish you, but what you are missing is the munajat(speech) with your lord.

Allah says to maintain the state of Salah all time, for leading a righteous life.
However high we reach, in the spiritual world of Islam, the basic pillars always remain.

Even my Shaikoona, while offering the bayan(speech), if adhan is called, stops his speech and command the crowd to go for
salah. That is the obedience of a slave before his lord.

Each time when adhan is called Allah is calling us sweetly to hug Him. When we answer to that call we benefit ourselves.

Let us answer to that sweet call..











salams dear brothers,

For me, the path of Allah was
opened after an incident.

I was enjoying the reddish youth in college. And at that time, a messenger came to remind me of the upcoming and the present. At the initial stages I did’nt take care of it. I wished to get out of such people. I thought they are blocking my way at that time.

As days passed by, one day night i felt a severe head ache, which prevented me from sleep. As time went on, it became worse and worse. The inner pain was severe, that i thought I am going to die that night. At that time, I came to realize that nothing is under my control. There is one power that drives me every second. He has been driving me for the whole life passed. And I, the blind was not seeing it. At that time I thought of the person who spoke to me of Allah, and life. At that time I realized that whatever he spoke was true. I felt deep regret and I cried that night. I asked Allah for forgiveness, and yearned for a chance. I told Him that I will follow your messenger, for the rest of my life. And He did so, Alhamdulillah.
The next day morning was a new life for me. The tha’leem that i attended after this incident, was days of magical experiences. It opened my heart to the beloved. My mind came to peace with Allah and His rasool. Ayats, Hadiths starts living in me and my brothers. My inner-sight changed, and my approach to life too. All things around me appeared as a window to see Allah’s love, alhamdulillah. In myself, I found Allah’s love pouring in as a stream.

My Shaikh, told that Allah, the beloved Has drawn me towards Him through that Head-ache. He did’nt let me go as I wished, Alhamdulillah.

All these, when I am with my Shaikh and my lovely brothers. Whenever I am apart from them, mentally I felt frustrated and the selfish nafs rises up , and puts me in hell. But my Shaikh raises me to Heaven, through his mercy. And that is what is happening now. My true state is as bad as before, and he cannot see Allah, he does not beleive in Allah, he dont know how Allah is associated with him. My Shaikh is showing me every instant, Allah’s attributes, Allah’s love, Allah’s forgiveness…Alhamdulillah.

May Allah not separate me and all saliks in the world, from their Shaikhs. May Allah illuminate the dark hearts. May Allah forgive us all for what we have done……Ameen



bismillahirrahmani rahim..

when allah pours His
zikr into our hearts through His light, the rasoolullah..

our hearts trembles with joy..
and energises with that noor…

it attains a height of fearlessness
and happiness…

coz’ it has united with its sustainer…
through His attributes…

it then sees through His sight..
it then writes through His hand…

it then understand through Him..
it then walks through His strength..

it then hears through His hearing..
it then come into peace with mind through Him…

it then says “masha allah, alhamdulillah’.
coz’ every feeling of gratitude or remembrance of Allah His grace, no man can make it by himself
Allah is the provider of all…



for all my dear brothers & sisters,

eid mubarak..

alhamdulillah, allah the almighty has gave us yet another
glorious month of ramadan.

may his blessings last on us forever…



peace one and all,

the silly fish don’t know that it is swimming in the vast ocean…

Once it is kept outside the ocean for
some time,
then only it realises the value of the ocean…

And the fish will never swim in the same ocean…
as it swimmed before.


assalamu alaikum, dear brothers and sisters,

here i provide the link to a post that moved me,
it’s about the approach of love for a salik(a traveller).

May Allah’s blessings be always with us..

ma’ salama


oh allah,
i love you

for there is only you to
love me..

your love is the
true love

all other love is for
selfish desires

you love me for no

even i am so bad
you love me the most

you are not looking
to my sins

your grace is immeasurable

if you are punishing me
for what i’ve done

i wouldn’t be here
writing this now

you are the true lover
who loves me

than anyone else

you gave me the rasoolullah

your light
to show your love

oh allah,
i am weak

my words of gratitude
is not fit
to thank you

my words and feelings are within

but when you are working in me
the words won’t end

it is unlimited

when you pour gratitude
in me
my heart trembles in joy

when your true remembrance
come in me through your light

i am not seing myself
the ego is gone

only your mercy remains
i see only your mercy

its only your mercy that
keeps me moving

nothing else

oh allah, forgive me for
what i’ve done

let me live in your wish,
may the truth made clear

to the dark world

may the true love spread to the
selfish hearts

may the light of rasoolullah
illuminate the entire world..

may only peace and happiness


peace one and all,

by Allah’s grace, He has put me to such a situation,
where he pours His zikr through many loved ones,

I came here to get a degree as well as a position in the society,
by getting a worthy job,

I came here to enjoy the reddish youth,
to the utmost with its fierce and fury,

I came here to grasp the ocean of science,
to know everything happening in the industry,

I came here for cherrishing many of my dreams,
dreams unlimited,

But today I would say Alhamdulillah,
that Allah has’nt written my destiny to go like my wishes

He, apart from giving me a mere degree
and a good job,
Has provided me with the utmost aim of life

Apart from being sending out as a graduate engineer,
Has provided me with that which makes a human

He provided me the light to live in the right way,
to attain it’s purpose

He composed a music to my life,
a music which is divine and unique

He has concealed me with a blanket,
A blanket so powerful, that
it neither fears nor cries

A blanket that always smiles,
Whatever may happen around,

Every happening is a note of His and
I don’t want to bother about that

Every moment is written
and I am simply an enjoyer of His music

I am an instrument through which He
plays His music,

But, I being deaf
was unable to hear that music,

He gave the light to hear that music,
He gave me the light to write that feeling

He gave me the light to make me happy,
to make me in equanimity

Today, it’s time to move and not to leave,
for i cannot leave, from Him

It’s time to pass on to the next song
so that i may enjoy His various pitches

It’s time to thank Him for what He has done
for the quenching of my real thirst

It’s time to express my attitude to the world,
for He only has done anything to me,

The bond between us never ends
but I have to realize this till death

The bond between us never weakens,
only my thoughts and feelings make me weak

I am devoid of any power
I am a slave of either ego or Him

What all good is from Him,
All bad is from the ego

Thank you Allah, for giving me this beautiful time
Thank you for loving me so much with no reason

Thank you Allah, for providing me the light
to see you, thank you for your mercy

Grant All of us the strength to live in your way
and die in your way..


assalamu alaikum,

If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back,
a roof overhead and a place to sleep …
you are richer than 75% of this world’s population.

If you have money in the bank, in your wallet,
and spare change in a dish someplace …
you are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.

If you woke up this morning with more health than illness …
you are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week.

If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation.. .
you are ahead of 500 million people in the world.

If you can pray in mosque without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death …
you are more blessed than three billion people in the world.

If your parents are still alive and still married …
you are very rare.

If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful…
you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.

If you can read this message, you just received a double blessing in that someone was thinking of you, and furthermore,
you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world that cannot read at all.

Have a good day, count your blessings to thank ALLAH (God),
and pass this along to remind everyone else how blessed we all are.

The Qur`an tells us that Allah also remembers those who remember him: “So remember me and I remember you. Give thanks to me and do not be ungrateful.” (2:152)

assalamu alaikum,

allahu akbar (allah is the greatest),

How can one say this, when he is behind the creations of ALLAH always,
I mean his mind is always engaged with creations.

The true meaning of this sentence can be understood only, when one, realise the truth
of creations. The reality is existing as such. But the problem is with the sight of ours.

We are not able to see the truth, because of the enemies ALLAH associated with us,
NAFS and SHAITHAN (ego & devil).

A man will be under the control of either ALLAH or NAFS at a time.
NAFS provide a smooth way for SHAITHAN to enter the heart.

Allah says, ‘When Allah’s Zikr is in the heart, shaithan will run away, and whenever he is not in ALLAH’s Zikr, his mind is under the control of SHAITHAN, after which all his mannerisms will be against the will of ALLAH, no matter whether he is performing NAMAZ or reciting QURAN.

That’s the importance of ZIKR. My Shaikh gave me the ‘ZIKRUL ANFAAS”, zikr in every breath,
so that there is no way for SHAITHAN to enter the heart. With every breath we take in and out, we should thank our lord for providing that. Between the stage of two consecutive breaths, our state is dead. It is only ALLAH’s grace that He provide the next breath.

ALLAH SAYS, “True beleivers will remember their lord sitting, standing and laying”. These are the only three states of one man’s body at any time in his life. Allah wish to see all of us remembering Him, every moment in our life, as He is our only helper, by Him only we are here now, and to Him only we all return..

May Allah never ever, separate our hearts from His Zikr..